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Welcome to market.satbeams.com (SATBEAMS.MARKET)

The presented "Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred as the "Terms of Use") apply to deployment and functionality of the website, accessible via the domain name market.satbeams.com (via any appropriate equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. with any software application) (the "Website"/”Service”), to the services offered by SATBEAMS.MARKET and to all agreements entered into with SATBEAMS.MARKET for the use of the Website and the Service.

SATBEAMS.MARKET is an online trading platform, in which supply and demand are brought together across the industry by providing space for placing Listings by sellers/advertisers.

By using or consulting the Website and/or by using the Service, you agree with the Terms of Use and accept their full application.

SATBEAMS.MARKET therefore advises every visitor to the Website to read the “Terms of Use” prior to using the Website and thereafter at regular intervals.

SATBEAMS.MARKET is offered to you by Satbeams SPRL, a private limited company incorporated under Belgian law, with registered office at Avenue de la Bonne Fosse 12, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud Belgium, with VAT registered number BE-0840.026.928 ("SATBEAMS.MARKET" or "We" or the “Website” or the “Service”).


You accept SATBEAMS.MARKET "as-is" and choose to use it at your own risk. Despite the prohibitions below, SATBEAMS.MARKET may contain inaccurate, inappropriate or possibly offensive material, and we assume no responsibility or liability for such material.
We may limit or terminate our service, remove hosted content and take technical and legal steps to keep Users off SATBEAMS.MARKET if it is considred that such users are creating problems or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies. Please report problems, offensive content and policy violations by emailing at market@satbeams.com.

In case of technical malfunctions, such as the unavailability of the Website, or in other cases of “force majeure”, SATBEAMS.MARKET is not liable for damage caused by not being able to display Listings and User is not entitled to a refund of the fees for the placement. Complaints about the operations of the Service may be submitted by email to market@satbeams.com.


Our "Privacy Policy" explains the processing stages of  User’s personal data and what measures are taken to protect the User’s privacy when accessing the Website.

As described in our "Privacy Policy" Users are expected to grant permission for processing their personal data.

In this context, SATBEAMS.MARKET wishes to explicitly draw User’s attention to the fact that according to these "Terms of Use" and our "Privacy Policy" it is not permitted to collect personal data, including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, from Visitors (for example 'harvesting') or to approach other Users for offering your own products or services outside the trading platform of SATBEAMS.MARKET.
Paid Listings
In most cases SATBEAMS.MARKET charges a fee ("placement fee") for placing a Listing, promoting it across our Website and Service as well as “transaction fee” for every Sales operation. The right to change/modify applicable fees at any time is reserved by SATBEAMS.MARKET. Click here for an up-to-date overview of our fees.

The Users may or may not have the right to cancel the purchase, depending on the options selected.

The Users can view the Listings on the Website and respond to them. If the Users are registered and logged in, they can also place Listings on the Website through the “Sell” menu and “Create Listing” form.

In general, Listings will remain on the Website for up to 60 days, provided that the "Terms of Use" are met and Users have not deleted their Listings themselves. It is then possible to perform re-Listing.

General rules for placing Listings on the Website

The Listings placed on the Website by the Sellers must comply with the following rules:

Listings must be placed under the most appropriate category. After placing the Listing, the Seller cannot change the category under which it is placed, however it is possible to place the Listing under multiple categories at its creation stage.

With regard to products, only one specific product may be requested or offered in one Listing.

The Title and Description of the Listings must be written in English and should not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect.

The Title and Description of the Listings must accurately and clearly describe the products or services that are offered, and in particular their properties and price.

The pictures of the Listings must always relate to the products or services offered. It is not allowed to place photos of the Listings on which the copyright or portrait right of a third party rests, without the permission of that third party.
The Listings may only be placed once, regardless of the chosen category. The Listing may not be placed again before its duration has expired. The Listings that are nevertheless placed again can be experienced as SPAM and those items may possibly be removed from the website.

The Listings should not contain an excessive amount of characters or keywords to attract attention or to increase the chance of occurrence in various searches.

It is not permitted to include a disclaimer in the Listings with regard to the authenticity of the products or services offered. After all, the Sellers must ensure that the products or services that they offer are genuine.

It is not permitted to place the Listings with purely commercial messages whose sole purpose is to promote a Seller or commercial company directly or indirectly.

It is not permitted to mention websites or to include links to websites that are fully or partially filled with links to other advertising websites or to other advertisements that are aimed at processing advertising revenue by generating clicks.

When placing the Listing, the Seller must of course take into account the non-exhaustive examples of unauthorized Website content and the provisions regarding the intellectual property rights of third parties.

If the Listings do not meet these conditions, they can be removed by SATBEAMS.MARKET administration.

Sellers are expected to know the laws and regulations that apply to the products or services that they sell, buy or view, and they must ensure that the products or services offered and requested by them are in accordance with applicable law - and regulations may be traded before placing them on the Website. In case of doubt, it can be recommended that Sellers obtain further information or advice from the competent authorities.

Unless explicitly stated and allowed by SATBEAMS.MARKET for this (for example in the case of API partners), it is not permitted to place advertisements on the Website via an automated system, or in any way other than via the Website’s “Create Listing” form. Placing the Listings on behalf of third parties is prohibited.


The Seller can create his Listing as “Auction” allowing potential Buyers to place bids for their products and services. The Seller can set the “Reserve Price” as the minimal possible bid that will be accepted. In this case a bid for a product or service in the Listing is not binding and the Seller is not obliged to accept the bid unless the “Reserve Price” is achieved. If the “Reserve Price” is not set the Seller is obliged to sell to the winning bidder.

It is not allowed to place bids for the sole purpose of disrupting the bidding process (i.e. “fake or fun bidding”).

If the User is removed due to the expiry of the placement period or for any other reason, the corresponding bids will also be deleted.


All Registered Users can rate the buying or selling behavior and provide feedback for other Users if the Sales transaction has been concluded between them. Ratings/feedback are linked to the User profiles and can be viewed by the Website visitors. Positive/negative feedback affects User’s “reputation”.

SATBEAMS.MARKET administration has right to remove the User’s feedback for any reason and more specifically, if it contains offensive or privacy sensitive content and/or abusive words, not related to the User’s behavior, given by Users who have violated certain rules or “Terms of Use” and
feedback with a commercial content.

Any User has right to  report violations by pressing “Report user” button on the offending User’s profile page.

Listing Prices and Payment methods

The Seller must always state the total price in the price field of the Listing. Sellers who offer products or services to consumers as a company must mention total prices, including all taxes and all additional freight, delivery or postage costs and any other costs in their Listings.

The Seller may not require from a Buyer to use certain payment methods in the Listing.

Rights and Duties

The Seller has the intellectual property rights to the content that he publishes on the Website, including but not limited to, copyrights, neighboring rights, trademark rights, patent rights, drawing and design rights, trade name rights, database rights and rights with with regard to the protection of know-how (the "Intellectual Property Rights"),

The Seller grants to SATBEAMS.MARKET a free, worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable and sublicensable right to use, publish and reproduce the content via any known or future medium for the functioning and promotion of the Service and those of third parties. SATBEAMS.MARKET reserves the right to make technical changes to the content, in particular the content of Listings so that they can be consulted via other channels, for example mobile devices and to other Users a free, worldwide and non-exclusive license to use, make public and reproduce the content for use of the Service.

If SATBEAMS.MARKET or the Seller removes the content from the Website, the right granted in accordance with the previous point will automatically end.

The Seller may not include any products or services in Listings that infringe on Intellectual Property Rights of third parties. This means, for example, that it is not permitted to offer products or services that infringe on the copyright of a third party, the trademark rights of a third party or the design rights of a third party.

The brand name may be used for the products or services that are actually offered in the Listing or the trade name may be used from the company from which the product or service in question originates. It is not permitted to state a trade name that is not related to the products or services offered in the Listing, the products or services offered may not be compared with other products or services. In any case, a comparison must in no way create confusion about the commercial origin of the products or services offered.

SATBEAMS.MARKET grants the Seller a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to use the posted content in accordance with the purpose of the Service.

With the exception of the content published on the Website by Sellers and third parties, SATBEAMS.MARKET holds the Intellectual Property Rights of the Service.

Unauthorized use of the Website and the Service

It is not permitted to publish the content on the Website that contains any offensive or otherwise inappropriate material (such as pornographic, violence, extremism, etc.) or a link to it or to anything that could be considered of violating public order and morality in any way, discriminatory on the grounds of political preference, religion, race, gender, nationality, orientation or is otherwise abusive, threatening or provocative, incorrect, misleading and incomplete.

It is not permitted to publish content on the Website that disclose personal or third parties data, involving chain letters, junk mail or spamming, containing viruses, worms, trojans, cancelbots or other software that may harm the Service or the rights and interests of Users.

It is prohibited to publish the content that unreasonably loads or disrupts the infrastructure of the Website, refers commercial activities such as lotteries, competitions and pyramid schemes, promotes illegal activities, infringes the Intellectual Property Rights, the privacy or any other rights of SATBEAMS.MARKET, its Users or third parties, relates to any products or services, the trade or delivery of which is contrary to the applicable laws and regulations and the offer or demand according to the indicative list of prohibited or restricted products or services on the Website prohibited or is limited and content with which SATBEAMS.MARKET cannot agree for other reasons than those mentioned above.

The Users may not change the content of the Website, other than described in these

”Terms of Use”.

Abuse of the Service

Users can send a report / notification regarding the abuse of the Website or Service at any time via the “Contact Us” form, for example if content has been published on the Website that is not compliant with the "Terms of Use" stating the reason for complain, together with a clear evidence of the abuse, the link to the offensive User profile and clarification why the content in question infringes ones privacy or any other rights

Depending on the nature and seriousness of the abuse, SATBEAMS.MARKET may, depending on the reports and complaints from Users or third parties, take the following actions at its own discretion and without stating reasons, including but not limited to, the following: remove the content posted by the User involved, limit or terminate the use of the Service, including access to the Website or certain functionality thereof, with respect to the User involved and/or completely terminate the User’s account.

SATBEAMS.MARKET reserves the right to take legal measures and, insofar as it suffers damage due to the misuse of the Website, to claim compensation from the User involved.

While SATBEAMS.MARKET is a service provider, it is not responsible to supervise the content that is placed on the Website by Users and third parties and will do the “best effort” to keep the content “clean”.

SATBEAMS.MARKET is never party or in any way involved in agreements that are established between Users themselves or between Users and third parties. Users must therefore resolve mutual disputes or disputes with third parties outside of SATBEAMS.MARKET.
Limitation of liability

To the extent permitted by law, SATBEAMS.MARKET excludes any liability for any form of damage, direct or indirect, that the User suffers or has suffered as a result of the use of the Service, the non-availability or non-secure availability of the Website or parts thereof, incorrect information on the Website, use of products or purchase of services obtained via the Website and/or changes to the Service or the Website.

SATBEAMS.MARKET is in no case can be hold liable for special, indirect and consequential damage related to the use and functioning of the Service including - but not limited to - violation of honor and good name, lost profit and loss of personal data.

SATBEAMS.MARKET is a service provider that offers services in accordance with Article XII. 19, §1 of the Code of Economic Law. This means, among other things, that SATBEAMS.MARKET is neither able nor obliged to monitor the legality of the products or services offered in Listings or the legal capacity and authority of its Users.


SATBEAMS.MARKET cannot guarantee that the products or services offered by the Sellers on the Website meet expectations of the Buyers.

Since most of the content on the Website comes is generated by the Users, SATBEAMS.MARKET therefore provides no guarantee about the accuracy of the Listings or other User messages, the quality, safety or legitimacy of the products or services offered, the rights of Sellers to offer products or services and the rights of Buyers to buy products or purchase services and the ability of Buyers to pay the agreed price of purchased products or services.

SATBEAMS.MARKET provides no guarantee regarding the permanent or secure access to the Service.
Changes to the Terms of Use

SATBEAMS.MARKET reserves the right to change / modify and terminate the Website or parts of it at any time.

SATBEAMS.MARKET reserves the right to change or terminate the Service at any time. Any change or termination of the Service will be announced within a reasonable period for its implementation.

SATBEAMS.MARKET reserves the right to change the "Terms of Use" at any time. To the extent required by law, users will be informed in advance before changes take effect.

Websites and services of third parties

The Website may contain links (for example hyperlinks or banners) to or use the websites and services of third parties that are not owned or controlled by SATBEAMS.MARKET (for example Google Maps API) .

SATBEAMS.MARKET has no control over and accepts no liability for the content, the policy rules, the conditions of use or the working methods of any website or service of a third party. If applicable, Users are therefore subject to the policies and "Terms of Use" applicable to these third parties.

By using the Website Users explicitly indemnify SATBEAMS.MARKET against any liability arising from the use of any website or service of a third party, to which access is granted via the Website or the Service or that are incorporated therein.

The User indemnifies SATBEAMS.MARKET against claims from third parties with regard to damage suffered by entering into an agreement on the basis of a Seller or Buyer and the use of products or services offered via the Website.


In the event of complaints about the operation of the Service, the User can contact SATBEAMS.MARKET via the contact form or by e-mail (market@satbeams.com). Complaints must be communicated by the User to SATBEAMS.MARKET within a reasonable period and at the latest within 1 month, after establishing a defect with regard to the Service

Complaints must be submitted as fully as possible and clearly described. When submitting your complaint you must include the word "Complaint" in the message subject of e-mail.

After the complaint has been reported, SATBEAMS.MARKET will confirm the receipt of your complaint and you will be informed within five working days of the period within which you will receive a proposal to resolve the problem. We will endeavor to resolve complaints submitted as soon as possible.

Other provisions

The "Terms of Use" apply to the Website Agreement. Oral agreements have no legal force.

If SATBEAMS.MARKET does not immediately enforce one or more provisions of the Terms of Use, no waiver of rights can be derived from this.

If one or more provisions of the "Terms of Use" are invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions.

The "Terms of Use" and the Website Agreement constitute the entire agreement between SATBEAMS.MARKET and User and replace all previous agreements. The "Terms of Use" and the agreements that follow from all services of SATBEAMS.MARKET and any disputes arising therefrom are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.

All efforts will be made to try to resolve all disputes arising from these agreements amicably before submitting them to the competent court in Belgium. If the User prefers this, the dispute can be submitted to BeCommerce 's independent Disputes Committee.

For questions about the use and operation of the Service, users can contact SATBEAMS.MARKET via the contact form or by e-mail (market@satbeams.com).