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Express AM33 launched
News - Satellites
Sunday, 09 March 2008 16:28

On 28 January 2008 at 0:18 a.m. GMT, the new Russian telecommunication satellite Express-AM33 was successfully launched at the Baikonur Space Center. The satellite was delivered onto the reference orbit by the Proton-M launcher with the Breeze M upper stage and is now controlled by RSCC Satellite Control Centre. At present, the ground-based facilities of the RSCC Ground Control Centre monitor and control the satellite by putting the satellite onto the GEO and its following operation at 96.5 East.

The Express-AM33 satellite (96.5 East) carries 10 C-band (40 MHz) transponders, 16 Ku-band (54 MHz) transponders, and 1 L-band (1 MHz) transponder with improved power characteristics. The satellite dry mass is 2.579 kg, its orbital operational life is 12 years, the station keeping accuracy is ±0.05 N&S/W&E which makes it possible to use low-cost earth antennas without automatic tracking devices. The satellite is equipped with steerable antennas enabling the footprints to be tailored to the changing customer demands.


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