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Satellite Name: AMSC 1 (MSAT 2)
Status: active
Position: 107° W (106.7° W)
NORAD: 23553
Cospar number: 1995-019A
Operator: LightSquared / Skyterra Communications Inc.
Launch date: 7-Apr-1995
Launch site: Cape Canaveral SFS
Launch vehicle: Atlas 2A (Atlas IIA)
Launch mass (kg): 2996
Dry mass (kg): 1326
Manufacturer: Boeing (Hughes)
Model (bus): HS-601
Orbit: Inclined
Expected lifetime: 10+ yrs.
Call sign: AMSC-1
Beacon(s): 11700.5 H/V, 11701 V, 10751 V, 10753 V,
6 L-band transponders and Ku-band capacity to provide mobile telephone, radio, facsimile, paging, position location, and data communications for US/Canada users on land, at sea, and in the air.
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